How fashion’s fashion blogger market is booming in India

Fashion blogger Anna Muthukumar, who launched her site last year, is looking for models.

She said her business was doing well but that the demand for clothes and accessories was a bit more expensive.

“It is still a niche industry but we are growing a lot, so I have to look at ways of making money,” she said.

While the site offers free clothes, she is also offering discounts on some of her products.

Muthukumur, who has a PhD in fashion design, started her business by posting a picture of herself in a pair of sunglasses.

When the website started, it was just for people who liked vintage and vintage fashion.

Now it has more than 10,000 followers and more than 400,000 likes on Instagram.

I had been looking for someone to buy a pair or three of these sunglasses.

I found Anna Mutsuru Muthul, 28, in Bengaluru and started looking for her.

We had a little chat and she suggested I look at the market.

She said that the fashion industry is huge and there is a lot of people who are trying to get into it.

As far as I know, it’s the first time that I’ve seen it in India.

I don’t think I can get my dream job anywhere else,” said Muthun.

Anna Muthumur is looking to work as a model in India, with a target of one year.

There are also people who have applied to be models in India but they have to make a lot more than $50,000 (Rs 2.7 lakh) to get a place.

For those who want to work for a little while, Anna said she had offers to work at hotels, beauty salons, restaurants, beauty stores and more.

At this stage, she said she will continue to work and see how much money she can make.

But there is another side to the industry.

 “My business is growing by 30-40% a month and that’s good because I don

Fashion blogger Anna Muthukumar, who launched her site last year, is looking for models.She said her business was doing well…