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The most beautiful spot on Earth?

You guessed it, New York City.

New York has been the city of choice for some time, and the city’s iconic skyline and its rich history of architecture has been a constant in the city for decades.

Today, New Yorkers can see the Empire State Building, Times Square, the Empire Polo Club, the iconic Rockefeller Center, the Brooklyn Bridge, and, of course, the Statue of Liberty.

These iconic buildings are also home to some of the citys most iconic sights, like the iconic Astoria Tower, the Chrysler Building, and even the Statue Of Liberty.

And it’s not just architecture, either.

New Yorkers also enjoy a great variety of other attractions, including museums, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and of course the EmpireState Building.

But, if you want to see what it looks like in the winter, you can head to a city that’s been the best at keeping you warm during the winter.

In this list, we’ve taken the city out of its winter mode and added some of its best-known sights during the coldest months of the year. 

In order to get a sense of how cold it really is in New York, we did the math.

Below, we ranked the city based on the average temperature in February, March, and April, along with its average wind chill.

If you want a really detailed view of what it feels like to be inside a New York winter, look no further.

We’ve included the city in our list for a couple of reasons: We know that New Yorkers are used to getting through the winter in relative comfort, and so the cold has been an ongoing feature of the winter season for a long time.

And we know that even if the weather gets cold enough that we can’t afford to be outside, we still want to take a quick trip to a beautiful place like New York.

Here are the 10 coldest places in New Yorkers winter: 10.

Central Park (NYC) 1,097 degrees Fahrenheit, a whopping 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit colder than the average. 


Times Square (NYC, New Jersey) 946 degrees Fahrenheit 1.2 degrees Fahrenheit 3,600 feet above sea level. 


Rockefeller Center (NY) 878 degrees Fahrenheit 0.7 degrees 1.5 miles above sea-level. 


Empire State Building (New York) 726 degrees Fahrenheit 2.4 degrees 2.2 miles above ground level. 


Chrysler Building (Detroit) 733 degrees Fahrenheit 3.4°F 1 mile above ground-level 9.

Times Union (Boston) 710 degrees Fahrenheit 4.1°F 1.4 miles above the water 11.

Statue of Freedom (Washington, DC) 636 degrees Fahrenheit 5.2°F 3.2 kilometers above sea levels 12.

Grand Central Terminal (Chicago) 626 degrees Fahrenheit 6.2ºF 4.2 meters above sea Level 13.

Lincoln Tunnel (Kansas City) 602 degrees Fahrenheit 8.9°F 5.9 kilometers above ground Level 14.

Empire Polo Club (Milwaukee) 601 degrees Fahrenheit 7.6°F 6.9 km above ground 15. 

The Empire State Center (Manhattan) 603 degrees Fahrenheit 9.3°F 7.4 kilometers above the ground 16.

The Empire Polo Field (Cincinnati) 605 degrees Fahrenheit 10.3ºF 8.5 kilometers above water 17. 

Manhattan Bridge (Brooklyn) 607 degrees Fahrenheit 11.1ºF 9.4 km above the sea Level

The most beautiful spot on Earth?You guessed it, New York City.New York has been the city of choice for some…