‘Rugged’ swimwear for women is a sign of a new age

RUGGED swimwear has become fashionable again after the fashion house ‘Rugs’ launched a new range of swimwear and a new look for the beach.

The new range, which has been named the ‘RUGGELY RUG’ range, features a range of colourful designs, including a ‘Rude’ style with a ‘rude’ collar, with a full body and an all-over body patterned swimsuit.

The range also includes a ‘Wool’ design, which is described as being ‘a blend of soft and warm colours that look natural, fresh and comfortable, and with the right amount of colour’.

A range of colours is available from £30 to £65, which will run you £70 to £80.

The brand has teamed up with designer Mimi Taro to create the ‘WOMEN’ range.

Mimi, a Brazilian fashion designer, has also teamed up to create a range for the men’s collection.

The women’s collection is available for £35 to £40, and the range has been described as ‘a bold, colourful and modern take on traditional beachwear’.

‘RUBBER’ is also available from the range.

‘RUDE’ is available on a ‘SQUIRTY’ range and will be available in ‘RUNNY’ and ‘ROUNDY’ versions.

The ‘RUDY’ swimsuit is described by the brand as having ‘a classic and rugged vibe’, and it is available in a range from £40 to £60.

A range has also been created for the ‘PUFFY’ collection.

PUFFY is described on the ‘SOUL’ range as being a ‘sexy and sexy-looking swimwear with a hint of a feminine touch’.

The range is available at £50 to £55, and is described in the brand’s ad as ‘sextastic and sexy’ in terms of its ‘soft, plush and silky-smooth body’.

The ‘TURDY’ line is described with the ‘DANCING’ range of ‘sliding-to-and-dancing styles that make you dance and flaunt your body’ in the tagline.

The tagline for the line is ‘BANGER, BROWN AND PINK’, and features the words ‘BUSTING BOOGIE’.

‘BLOOD’ is an exclusive ‘HARD STONE’ style that is priced at £40.

‘MEMMILI’ has teamed with fashion designer Kaya Guevara to create ‘MIND BLOWN’ swimsuits, which are described as a ‘sensual and feminine take on the classic beachwear look’.

The swimwear range is priced from £50-£60, and has a range with the tag line ‘NIGHT BEAUTY’ in its name.

‘HOLIDAY’ is a ‘YEARLY CHRISTMAS’ style swimwear that is described alongside the taglines ‘TUESDAY FEAST’, ‘MID-LATE MONTH’ and a ‘MONDAY NIGHT’ in a tagline on the range’s website.

A swimsuit in this style is available to buy at £60, which can be purchased from the brand at the end of this month.

This summer’s beachwear line has already been spotted on the shores of Fiji and is being advertised on the UK’s beaches.

A new range is also due to launch next month, featuring the brand ‘HUNTERS’ swimtoys.

These include a ‘BEST OF BEACH’ range that is currently on sale at £70, and a range that has been sold out.

‘VIP BEACH’, which is being marketed by the luxury fashion label ‘Mango’, is the latest of several luxury brands to launch beachwear lines this summer, including ‘HOT BEACH,’ ‘JACKSON’ and more.

RUGGED swimwear has become fashionable again after the fashion house ‘Rugs’ launched a new range of swimwear and a new…