‘Cato’ fashies up new look in the cat-print couture market

New York Fashion Week starts today, with the launch of a cat-inspired collection called Cato.

The cat-trendy collection is part of the new Cato collection, a collection of prints designed to capture the imagination of fashion-conscious cat lovers and cat lovers everywhere. 

Cato was launched on Friday in New York City, as well as at London’s West End and on the streets of Paris, London and Paris.

It is available in sizes Small, XS-XXL, S, M, L, XL and XXL, in an array of prints ranging from black and white prints to black-and-white prints and a collection that includes cats, a tiger, a lion, a dog and a dolphin. 

For cat lovers, cat prints offer an unexpected and unique visual expression that offers a glimpse into a cat’s everyday life.

Cat prints are meant to be an opportunity to explore cat ownership and its inner lives, said Cato co-owner Kristi Glynn, who founded the cat design company in 2014 after spending four years in the fashion industry. 

‘The cat is one of those iconic symbols in our culture, and this collection captures it with a truly unique look,’ she said. 

The cat-infused cat print is one piece of Cato that features the iconic cat face, with two white stripes across its chest. 

Its collection features a large white collar, a bright orange body and a matching white tail. 

Glynn, known for her eclectic collection of cat prints, created Cato to capture that sense of cat-ness. 

While Cato was created to capture cat owners’ inner lives and cat fans’ inner stories, the collection also showcases the unique appeal of a great cat print. 

This collection of cats, animals and cat prints will be sold exclusively through Cato and will be available to cat lovers who pre-order through CatOvulation.com. 

To learn more about Cato, visit www.cato.com or follow Cato on Twitter @cato_co. 

Coco is the name of the collection and the creative agency behind it. 

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New York Fashion Week starts today, with the launch of a cat-inspired collection called Cato.The cat-trendy collection is part of…