Why we don’t wear our jeans anymore

It’s not that jeans have gotten any better.

We have gotten way worse.

They still fit a man and a woman alike.

But, as a woman, when I wear jeans, I don’t care if they’re chinos or jeans or whatever they’re called.

I just want to be comfortable.

When I wear them, I feel like I’m wearing something I’m proud of.

And I like that.

You can’t be a girl and wear a t-shirt that says “I love you” and then say, “I’m going to wear a skirt and I’m going out to dinner.”

That’s just not cool.

I feel kind of good wearing jeans, but if you’re a man, you can’t just wear them because they look good on you.

We don’t want to look like the poor girl from The Big Bang Theory who wears a shirt with the words “My God, I’m a feminist.”

We don.

That’s not cool at all.

If you’re wearing jeans and you’re having a good time, it’s awesome.

I don, however, feel good wearing them.

Thats just not my style.

The reason I’m not wearing them is because I’m thinking about a big picture.

A lot of guys are like, “Man, you look so good!”

But, like, for me, the bigger picture is I feel good in jeans.

I think it’s just the way I am.

When a guy tells me I look like a girl, I like it.

If a girl tells me she looks like a guy, I just say, you know, what the hell?

I’m just going to be yourself.

If they ask me, “What are you wearing?”

I just go, it doesnt matter.

I dont wear pants.

The best jeans are made from 100% cotton and 100% rayon.

The pants I like are the ones that have a little bit of stretch.

They’re comfortable.

They look good.

And the way you feel about them is the way the person wearing them feels about you.

And you can be yourself, even if youre not the person who wears the pants.

It’s like being a girl.

It just takes that extra step to make sure you look good in pants.

I wouldnt wear a dress shirt.

I wouldn’t wear a jeans shirt.

It doesn’t feel good.

You dont have to wear it, but you can feel good about yourself in jeans because youve got that confidence and that confidence can come from wearing something that’s comfortable.

Ive got this thing going on.

I cant be myself in jeans unless I wear pants and thats what I do.

And thats cool.

The problem with jeans is that you cant wear them unless you wear them and you cant be yourself unless you look like youre wearing pants.

And thats a big part of why guys are really, really unhappy with the way things are.

Theyre like, youre just not the right person for jeans.

That means theyre like no, you cant do it.

And if they say, no, I can wear jeans and wear jeans for you, thats cool, because thats just what I am, and thats how I like to wear jeans.

But if they start talking about you as a girl wearing jeans instead of jeans, its like, oh yeah, thats a cool thing, but dont get me wrong, its a cool idea.

That is a cool one, but I would say its not a cool concept.

It’s not that jeans have gotten any better.We have gotten way worse.They still fit a man and a woman alike.But,…