When it comes to fashion, 50s style is timeless, not trendy, writes Dan Gainor

A new fashion brand from the 1960s that was once the darling of the fashion industry may be coming to an end.

Dan Gainors New Look blog recently ran a feature on 50s designer Barbara Guggenheim’s classic dress, which he has worn for decades.

“There are things about her dress that are so timeless that it is a timeless thing,” Gainor told The Huffington Post.

“It’s not something you can put on now.

I think it is more timeless than many dresses I have seen.”

The 50s design was the inspiration for the iconic dress, but Gugglenheim’s work was a bit different than the fashion world at the time.

She was a fashion designer in her own right and a woman who made fashion statements, not a fashion critic, according to the Fashionista blog.

“She is not a stylist,” Gainors son said.

“I think that Barbara GUGGINS fashion has always been about style.

Barbara is a fashion person and has never been one to look at the fashion and think, ‘Oh, that’s good.'”

Gainor is not alone in wanting to see the 50s be passed on to the next generation of designers.

“Barbara GUGGENHEIMS legacy is that she was a feminist.

She believed that the future was female,” his son said, referring to Guggeheim’s belief that the world should be a safe place for women to thrive.

“Her influence is that her style is about individuality, and the way that she dresses and the clothes she wears reflect that,” Gainori added.

“You can’t go back to the 1950s and expect a woman to be wearing a dress like this.”

The Guggens work is a legacy that has lasted far longer than the decade it takes for a fashion design to take on a new look.

“A lot of it is about how we talk about fashion in this age, but it is also about how women talk about their bodies,” Gainore said.

A decade ago, the Gugges clothing was being sold in stores.

The fashion industry was changing and the 50’s fashion had a new face and a new audience.

But now the Gugs is a thing of the past.

“For Barbara to do this work, to do that, is incredible,” Gainiore said, adding that Barbara had a great sense of humor.

“And I think she is really appreciative that she has done it and is so happy.”

The fashion industry and its current owners have been buying up the GUGgens legacy and keeping it on the shelves for decades, according the fashion blogger.

“This is not something that we will ever sell,” Gainoros son said of the Gaughes legacy.

“We have to look to the future.”

A new fashion brand from the 1960s that was once the darling of the fashion industry may be coming to…