The fashion world is obsessed with Barbie

If you’ve seen any of the Barbie dolls in the recent film Frozen, you’ve probably seen the doll with her signature red, blue, pink, and white striped hair.

She has the same look as the original character, Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen, and even though she is in her 30s, her appearance and personality is not in any way dated.

Barbie’s popularity is not due to her being the original Disney character, however.

According to a recent article in the New York Times, the doll is now a phenomenon because she is both a fashion icon and a fashion designer.

A trend has taken over, but the real trend is that fashion is obsessed.

Fashion, fashion, fashion.

It’s a trend that has taken a decade of development, and has finally caught on in 2017.

When the fashion industry first began to make money from dolls in 1997, it was still largely a small, niche market.

Today, Barbie is a global icon and she is making a significant impact on the fashion world.

Fashion has been a big business since its inception.

From the earliest days of the 19th century, the business of buying, selling, and selling dolls has been the domain of women and men who wanted to look and feel good, not to mention get paid.

In recent years, as the fashion market has matured, it has become a much more global business.

In addition to the dolls that the fashion press loves to paint as “fashionable,” there are many brands that make doll apparel, including Vogue, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, and Burberry.

But fashion, clothing, and fashion are not the only things that Barbie is selling.

There are also dolls that are made for men, including Men’s Clothing, and for women, dolls made for kids.

Fashion is not the sole source of Barbie’s success, however, as she has also been a part of pop culture, including with a series of music videos, the TV show, and the video game.

One of the more iconic Barbie doll videos of all time, “Wet and Wild,” is a video where the doll wears a long, black skirt with pink heels.

It was filmed in 1994 and is considered by many to be one of the best Barbie videos ever.

There is no doubt that the video made Barbie a household name.

The success of the video has been attributed to its viral nature, and to its depiction of Barbie in a positive light.

In 1994, Barbie was a pretty normal, everyday girl.

In 1998, she had a big break.

After a string of disastrous events, Barbie, her friends, and her friends’ friends were thrown into a secret underground bunker where they were forced to wear a mask.

It wasn’t until 1999 that Barbie was finally seen by the world, and that she started to make a big splash.

The video became one of her biggest hits, selling over 2 million videos, and spawning countless merchandise, clothing styles, and accessories.

In 2003, the video was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and won for Best Music Video.

It has been cited as the reason why people like to dress up as Barbie, and its influence is still felt today.

The popularity of Barbie is not only due to its popularity in the fashion and fashion accessories markets, but also to her appeal to women who want to dress like her, whether it be to dress in a red dress or a pink one.

Women who want a doll that is easy to wear and look great, but not too revealing, can find it at almost any of these fashion and accessory stores.

The popular image of Barbie has been taken to a new level in 2017 with her fashion icon status.

With her popularity, fashion has become an important part of the culture.

It is not just the clothes that are changing, but all the way from fashion to fashion, and from makeup to makeup.

As fashion continues to evolve, and dolls continue to gain popularity, the fashion scene is going to continue to expand and change.

As the fashion community continues to grow, so will the fashion trends.

If you’ve seen any of the Barbie dolls in the recent film Frozen, you’ve probably seen the doll with her…