It’s a trend that’s been gaining momentum for more than a decade, with restaurants and bars turning to food trucks to deliver fresh, seasonal food and fresh ingredients to diners in a way that’s more appealing to a more casual crowd.

And now, as diners increasingly crave healthier fare from a menu that’s not all over the place, restaurant chains are using trucks to serve up fresh food, with some offering trucks as a way to offer food to those without the time or inclination to cook.

The New York City-based food trucking company Food Truckers New York, for instance, is looking to tap into the growing popularity of the trendy “new fashions” trend to help customers find new places to dine.

Food Truckers NY co-founder and co-owner John Pritchard said he hopes to be able to provide trucks with the same service as traditional restaurants, and he said he’s looking to offer the same food that’s served to a typical restaurant as a service to the food trucker.

For instance, the truck can take a typical menu and turn it into a more traditional meal by adding toppings such as fruit, meat, beans and vegetables.

The trucks will also serve more traditional items such as chicken tenders, steak and seafood.

Pritchard and his partner, Michael Houghton, said the idea was born when they saw an increasing number of food trucks in Manhattan.

Food truckers are “in a unique position to provide an authentic dining experience, and it’s just about taking the best elements of what you eat and putting them into a unique food experience,” said Pritard.

For example, the trucks can bring in the best of traditional American fare like hot dogs and chicken tender sandwiches.

They can also serve the freshest, most natural, organic ingredients, including vegetables and herbs.

Pruitt said he has worked with a number of restaurants to find the right food for the trucks, including New York’s Best.

The trucks also provide other services like delivering food, which is why the trucks are also looking into selling some of their own trucks.

Pritland said the trucks will be able also bring food to restaurants as a stand-alone service.

The Food Trucker’s New York Facebook page has nearly 300,000 likes.

Pregnant moms, pregnant teens and young families also are the target demographic for the Food Trucking Network.

The new trend is being driven by a number, including fast-casual chains such as Chipotle Mexican Grill and Shake Shack, and casual restaurants like Little Caesars Pizza, the pizza chain said in a statement.

Chipotle Mexican has said it will use the new trend to attract more customers and get the food trucks into more restaurants.

Shake Shack has said that it will begin offering trucks at its restaurants in the coming months.

Food trucks have been gaining popularity for a few years, and restaurants have become increasingly wary of opening their doors to them.

They also are facing increasing competition from Uber, which has launched a mobile ordering app that will let people order food directly from a driver.

Food Trucks New York was founded in 2011 by Pritcher and his partners and now has around 50 trucks in the city.

Priesen said the company is looking for other businesses to partner with Food Trucks NY, and they will also be partnering with a variety of other businesses.

The restaurant group said it expects the food delivery business to grow in the next three years, with around 60 trucks currently serving food.

It’s a trend that’s been gaining momentum for more than a decade, with restaurants and bars turning to food trucks…