How to dress for spring and summer: How to keep up with fashion trends

In an era of instant gratification, how to dress is a critical question for anyone seeking to look chic and stylish.

The basics include the right shoes, a hat and a tie.

But for many, the best part of spring and autumn is dressing to keep warm, according to experts.

Here are some of the tips we think you should know before you head out to the mall, or the beach, or to the beach party, or any other time of year.


Use a hat with a face The face of your favorite designer is one of the most popular features of your look.

The face makes it easier to see how your outfit fits and how your personality fits in, says Jennifer Hausman, a New York City-based fashion expert and co-founder of

That’s why she recommends a hat that gives you the best possible shot of finding the right one.

“It’s a perfect way to be able to see your favorite designers in a flattering way and not look like a weirdo in a hat,” she says.


Choose your best style for the season The best way to look good in spring is to keep it simple, says Jill Ochsner, a stylist and designer based in New York.

“A lot of people think of spring as springtime, and they’re right,” she explains.

“But it’s also the time of the year when we get our hair, our makeup, our clothes, and everything else ready to be worn.”

Och and her stylist, Rachel Tisch, recommend sticking with the basic, basic looks.

“When you look good, you look confident, you show up on time, and you look smart,” Och says.

“That’s what people want in their fall and winter wardrobe.”


Go with basics.

Don’t be afraid to wear more basics to show off your individuality.

“You don’t need to go all the way to a high-waisted skirt,” says Och.

“Instead, take something simple that is flattering, that has a little bit of a ‘flaw’ to it, and put that on your arm, and show that you’re a real person.”

She recommends using a scarf, a t-shirt, or a jacket with a collar to go with a jacket.

And while you might not have to do this in a traditional way, a blazer is a great option.

“Don’t feel like you have to have a fancy outfit,” says Tisch.

“Show up with a blazers, and a shirt and a sweater.

If you have a skirt, that’s a good thing.

A blazer with a skirt is an elegant statement.”


Go easy on your make-up.

“The most important thing is to take care of yourself, and not put on too much,” says Hausmann.

“Just wear something simple and simple.”


Look good in a smart outfit.

“I think the most important aspect of a smart look is to not have a lot of makeup,” she adds.

“If you have eyeliner, a mascara, or some eye shadow, it’s fine.”

A simple dress with a few accessories, like a shirt or tie, can go a long way in showing off your style.

“Pick something that doesn’t have too much on it, like something simple,” says Domenico D’Amico, a hairstylist based in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg.

“We’ve seen people go in and do a lot, so it’s good to be a little conservative.

It’s not going to get you noticed.

It will probably not be noticed by other people, so don’t make yourself look ridiculous.”


Dress smart.

“Dress for the weather,” says Cesar Castellani, a fashion designer based out of the Bay Area.

“Make sure that you have something that you look sharp in.”

That means something with a little texture to it or that’s made of materials that give it a certain quality.

And don’t be shy about putting on a little makeup, as well.

“Wear mascara and a lip gloss,” he says.


Avoid colors that are too dark.

“Color doesn’t matter, it doesn’t define you,” says Castellanis.

“Look for a palette that is complementary.”

For instance, you might opt for a neutral palette or neutral tones that go with your overall color palette, like muted gray, yellow, or blue.

And if you are going for a bolder look, a lighter palette would go with the neutral tone.


Try different patterns and colors.

“There are certain colors that you just can’t go without,” says Tracey Schulz, a creative director at Design by Colour, a Los Angeles-based company that helps designers create unique looks.

For instance: black and brown is one that’s very popular among women.

And white and gold is another that women will definitely be

In an era of instant gratification, how to dress is a critical question for anyone seeking to look chic and…