What to know about Cam Newton’s new outfit and the new clothes he’s rocking?

It was just a day after a photo was posted on Instagram showing Newton dressed in an old suit and tie.

The photo, captioned “Cam is rocking a nice suit and ties from @gcfl,” was taken on Tuesday and appeared to show Newton wearing a suit with a black tie and tie that was on the floor in a dressing room in the White House.

But according to the caption on the Instagram photo, it was actually a photo of the new outfit that Newton wore with a tie.

That means he was not in the suit that day.

“It’s just me in the photo and a tie,” Newton told reporters at his news conference Wednesday.

Newton is wearing a tie and coat with black trousers, a white shirt and a black shirt.

He said the suit was purchased by an employee of his foundation.

“I bought it, I gave it to a friend,” he said.

Newton did not comment on why he wore the tie or whether he planned to change his outfit in the future.

It is the latest in a series of controversial wardrobe choices that have drawn criticism from celebrities, including Kanye West and Rosie O’Donnell.

In March, a photo surfaced showing the rapper wearing a tuxedo during a concert in Washington.

The video, which went viral, showed him standing in the front row wearing a white T-shirt and white tie.

On Wednesday, a source told The Post that Newton was not wearing a shirt in the video.

“He wasn’t wearing a T-Shirt.

He was wearing a Black Tie,” the source said.

“The Black Tie is a formal shirt, it’s not a casual shirt.

The tie is something he has worn to the White Houses.”

In another photo posted on social media, a woman wearing a matching white shirt appeared to be the same one in the same photo.

The woman in the white shirt is the same model who wore a white tie and jacket in the previous photo.

A spokesperson for Newton declined to comment to The Post.

He is scheduled to appear in court on March 21.

“This is not about a political agenda,” Newton said Wednesday.

“We are just here to support our foundation and our family.

This is not a political statement.”

The White House did not respond to The Washington Times’ request for comment.

Newton has become a household name for the media and fashion press since his first season as a member of the New Orleans Saints, leading the team to the playoffs in his first year as a starter.

He has been wearing a variety of colors in his latest outfits.

Earlier this month, he wore a gold suit and black tie during a news conference at the White Senate in Washington, D.C. The next day, he was seen wearing a gold-colored tie in a news release for his charity, The Black Foundation, and also wearing a brown suit and blue tie at the Glamour 100 fashion show.

He did not appear to be wearing a black dress at the event.

Newton also wore a red suit and brown tie during his news conferences Wednesday.

It was just a day after a photo was posted on Instagram showing Newton dressed in an old suit and…